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Quality Performing Arts Education

in the Cowichan Valley

Congratulations to ALL of our Competitive Company Dancers...
we are so proud of your positivity and dedication to your craft, and to each other. Bravo!

About Us

Our Mission

Warmland Dance exists as a place of belonging where artists, leaders and community come to learn and express life through movement and creative processes. We elevate dance instruction to cultivate high-level technique while nourishing creativity, inspiring modern-day learners to realize their highest human potential.

Our Vision

Warmland Dance is a global catalyst inspiring creativity, innovative movement, and holistic instruction.

Our Values

Community: We are a diverse group of human beings with individual strengths. We nurture positive culture through accessibility, inclusion, connection, respect, and celebration, where our community feels a sense of warmth, pride and belonging.

Growth and Transformation: Human potential is realized in a safe environment fostering vulnerability, curiosity, creativity, personal expression, striving, and strength of character.

Freedom: We recognize dance as an art form emphasizing process versus product. We believe strict adherance to one syllabus or curriculum standard, and high-pressure examinations limit our potential. Connection to self, others and our surroundings provides opportunities for free expression and joy of dance.

Structure and Technique: Careful attention is paid to the developmental readiness of our students. Our teaching faculty holds expected high level training and qualifications in contemporary and classical techniques, educational  leadership, as well as years of collective professional experience as international performing artists. Through the development of innovative, dynamic structured learning progressions, use of unhurried creative processes, individualized goal-setting, clear assessment criteria, and regular reflection and feedback, we provide an exceptional quality education toward student excellence.

Leadership: Robust values-based leadership, proficient administrative processes, and a world-class teaching faculty forms our diverse, highly sought after dance studio organization. Sharing a passion for lifelong-learning, our faculty's collaborative growth-mindset, and commitment to excellent communication enables us to offer an elevated arts education.


My kids have an absolutely wonderful time in class. They are always dying to come back!

-Bonnie Louden, Parent

It was very evident that the attitudes and educational perspective that informs your work is beautifully child-centered, and approaches what movement, body image and the spirit of performance can be, for maximizing the health and well-being of the young people you and your staff work with.

-Grandparent/Retired Educator

The technique these dancers have is something to be proud of... great training. These dancers are so clean, and have such chemistry onstage, you can tell they LOVE it.

-Justine Fraser, Cowichan Music Festival Adjudicator - Ballet

"Too often dance instruction focuses on sexualizing or trivializing children, and the framing of life. Your approach is refreshingly the opposite, and developmentally honours children. So, thank you for your supportive methods in engaging kids in the joy of movement and dance."

-Grandparent/Retired Educator

Quick Access

Recital Showcase:

Sunday May 26

1pm & 6pm shows

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