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Young Leaders Program

Apprentice – Assistant – Professional Development – New Teacher – Faculty

We are proud to offer opportunities for young leaders to learn and grow in our community. 2022 marks the beginning of our “Young Leaders Program”, allowing advanced students 14 years and older to apply to become an apprentice at Warmland Dance. Once a student has completed a one-year apprenticeship, they may apply as a teaching assistant to our faculty. Experienced assistants may be invited to apply for a teacher training program or other professional development opportunity, with the support of Warmland Dance. Qualified individuals may apply for posted new teacher positions, where they will receive mentorship and ongoing professional development. New teachers work toward becoming part of the world-class faculty at Warmland Dance.


Advanced students interested in more information about available apprenticeships please contact us:

Quick Access

Recital Showcase:

Sunday May 26

1pm & 6pm shows

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